Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Welcome To The Workshop For Large Ponds



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If you have confounding questions about your pond and how to keep it looking great, there is now a resource with the answers!

It's called the Large Pond Workshop.

This six week online workshop will cover all of the most important elements to designing (or redesigning), building, and maintaining a large pond that will provide you with years of trouble free enjoyment!

If you currently have or are planning on building a pond from  about 50,000 gallons on up, then you'll gain valuable insights into pond care by attending this great course.

The information in it has come from years of providing help and support to pond owners with all kinds of questions.

Here's what we'll cover together…


week one

Let's Get To Know Your Pond

In week #1 I'll introduce you to your pond all over again. We'll talk about the one thing pond owners must focus on to keep their pond in good shape.

  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Pond objectives / planning before the build
  • Finding the best contractor for the job
  • Pond Ecology / Structure
  • Basic water quality parameters
  • How to measure pond size and volume
  • And much more!

week two

Pond Mechanicals – Aerators, Circulators, Ultrasound And More

Week #2 we'll talk in depth about mechanical devices that have a powerful effect on your pond. What tools will work best for large pond management and how to use them to the greatest positive effect.

  • Learn how to choose the best aeration system
  • How to find out if ultrasound is right for your pond
  • Why a circulator can be a life-saver
  • Discover if surface fountains help with pond health
  • Learn the best way to make shallow water healthier
  • And much more!

week three

Algae Control Made Simple

In week #3 this is a biggie. I'll discuss algae control in depth. How to do it safely by using the best tools for the job. You can control algae successfully and this session will show you how.

  • Discover why you have algae in the first place
  • Learn the safest ways to control it naturally
  • How to protect your fish while dealing with the problem
  • What ultrasound is good for and what it isn't
  • How all types of algae can be controlled (hint: it's not copper sulphate)
  • Learn about the best that high technology has to offer for algae control
  • And much more!

week four

Aquatic Weed Control

In week #4 we make the natural transition from algae to aquatic weeds and how to control them using the most ecologically responsible and safe methods.

  • Learn the best ways to control duckweed or watermeal
  • Discover how to keep your fish safe during treatments
  • Learn to identify the most common pond weeds
  • Why targeted your treatment is so important
  • Find out if all weeds are bad
  • And much more!

week five

Dealing With Water Quality Issues

Water quality…it's essential to maintaining a healthy pond. In week 5 we'll discuss some of the most common water quality problems that can come up in a large pond and how to deal with them.

  • Discover why checking the pH of your pond is a good idea
  • How to use lime or gypsum to affect the pH
  • Low oxygen? Here's how to avoid it
  • Common ways to deal with muddy or cloudy water
  • How to control nitrogen and phosphorous concentrations
  • And much more!

week six

Fish And Wildlife

In many cases a pond is literally the epicenter of life. Whether you're in or out of the water, there's a lot to talk about regarding fish and wildlife.

  • Learn how to keep a pond stocked with healthy fish
  • How to maintain ecological balance within the pond
  • Common reasons why fish develop disease
  • The best ways to deal with problem critters such as muskrats
  • Tips for creating a wildlife oasis

week six abonus

Pond References & Directory

Over the many years of working with ponds and pond owners, I've accumulated a lot of references that I still use for finding helpful information. I'm going to share this wonderful "rolodex" of contacts with you.

It includes…

  • The best sources for pond equipment
  • The most popular forums on ponds and pond care
  • The most useful resources for fish health
  • My recommended reading list of pond books
  • And more…






week six abonus

Pond Q & A – The Workshop Follow Up

No workshop would be complete without this.

Much of the present workshop has been developed from questions by pond owners just like you. And during the workshop many more questions will come up and in this follow up session, I'll cover all of those in greater detail!

No question will go unanswered!

This private pond workshop with six weekly sessions and two bonus sessions can be watched and listened to completely online. If you were able to play the video at the top of this page, then you'll be able to view all of the sessions on your computer!You can work at your own pace through each week and as an attendee, you'll have lifetime access to this workshop, no matter how much new material we add over time!

A Great Long Lasting Value!

Knowledge is a powerful thing, some would even say it's priceless in what it can offer.

While I might not go that far, I do know that this valuable information (now consolidated in this workshop) has helped countless pond owners over the years and they've saved a lot of money, time, and eliminated many of the headaches that go with having a large pond.

It's time for you to enjoy your pond more!

Join me today and let's get started in making this the best, most enjoyable year you've ever had with your pond!

The Standard Online Digital Edition – $29.95 Includes lifetime and unlimited access to the full workshop online as well as the pond reference directory and other bonuses.






I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

If you have any questions about the workshop be sure to contact me and I'll provide the answers!

Enjoy your pond!